Wedding Planning Business Website

Wedding Planning Business Website

November 18, 2023

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Here’s a unique chance to have your own website where you can sell a special eBook about planning weddings perfectly. You can also create listings for finding DJs, venues, and photographers, and make money through ads and commissions.

This business is great if you’re planning your own wedding or interested in the big wedding market.

Key Points:

  • A 140+ page high-quality eBook on Wedding Planning.
  • Three bonus eBooks.
  • An automated store – no need to handle orders.
  • A premium domain with good keywords
  • Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, a top eCommerce platform.
  • You get 100% profit from each sale.
  • Fully automated store with instant product delivery.
  • Pages for suppliers, offering potential ad revenue and commissions.

Weddings are Extremely Profitable

Weddings are big business, with the U.S. wedding industry valued at $70.3 billion in 2023. Even a small slice of this market can make your business successful.

How Does the Website Make Money?

The store includes a well-written eBook with reseller rights. It covers topics like planning your dream wedding, budgeting, finding venues, and more.

It also has three bonus eBooks: Honeymoon planning tips, Wedding Playlist Ideas, and Post Wedding Checklist.

You can earn money by selling these eBooks, placing display ads on your pages, and using affiliate links. You can also charge for sponsored posts or ask suppliers to advertise on your site.

I will go through each of these in more detail in my handover.

Digital Publishing Benefits:

  • Less risk as you don’t need to invest in physical stock.
  • Focus on marketing your store.
  • You can run your business from anywhere.
  • Easy to scale and grow your business.

The ultimate aim is to earn money from your store, and the more time you devote to this through promotion and marketing, the more you are likely to get back. But it’s not just about the time you put in, it’s about using your time wisely to get the most out of your efforts. If, for example, you spend time and money on adverts without mapping out your target audience, it’s likely that your marketing efforts will fall flat. But with the right targeting, your site could earn you a good income without you having to work around the clock.

That is why I have included a bonus training package with this site to give you an insight into how to fine tune your marketing to maximise your success.