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You're probably very aware about the huge developments happening in AI technology recently, and how ChatGPT can help with automatic content creation for your websites...

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Well if this interests you, I’ve got something to tell you today that I think you’ll definitely want to hear about. And this is something which is exclusively available to my previous customers only.

I’ve been busy putting together some very special bundles of websites in niches which are commonly regarded as the MOST profitable niches to operate in online.

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Five Different AI-Generated Websites

These bundles consist of five different AI-Generated websites in five different red hot niches:

AI Tech | Marketing | Finance | Fitness | Survival

All of these niches have a huge demand and generate millions upon millions of dollars online each year.

The domains in these bundles are all exceptional TWO-WORD names that I personally spent hours hunting for, and I’ve identified them as having massive potential.


You can check out the domains and the sites in each bundle by clicking the links below.


These are WordPress sites which are all built with the AI Article Publisher plugin, which allows you to add auto-generated articles as often as you like simply by specifying a keyword.


The articles also include images and you can post them to as many different categories on your site as you like.


Sites like this are perfect for generating revenue through ads, sponsored posts, promoting affiliate products, or any other method that you like. You can even build them up by adding content and selling them on to someone else.


Each bundle comes with a LIFETIME 5 SITE LICENSE for the AI Article Publisher plugin which costs $297 + tax.

And I’m also throwing in ONE YEAR of FREE HOSTING for each of the five sites which is worth $134.


This is a very special offer and if you purchased all of these sites separately, along with the hosting and the 5 site plugin license the price would come to $1,280.


But as one of my existing customers, you can get hold of one of them today for just $300


Unfortunately I can only create a limited amount of these website bundles because the domains are very hard to find, so if you want one, please make sure you act fast.


I’ll be removing the sites from this page once they sell, so if you don’t see any available I’m afraid you’ve left it too late.


You can check out a full list of FAQs lower down the page and if you have any other questions you can always email me at dfystartups@gmail.com

Use coupon customer300 for a huge 45% discount

All of these sites are premium TWO WORD domains that have been selected specially by me. 



Not only that but I am also offering a FULL YEAR OF FREE HOSTING worth $134 for each of these sites for the new owner. 



PLUS, also included is a free LIFETIME 5 SITE LICENSE for AI Article Publisher (worth $297 + VAT) so that you can keep adding auto-generated AI content to the sites whenever you want. 





How do these sites make money?

The best way to generate revenue from this site is to add your own display ads to pages and affiliate links within the articles. This means each time somebody clicks one of your ads, or purchases something after clicking one of your affiliate links, you will earn money. 


Another possibility is to sell sponsored posts on the site and charge people to post their own articles. 

How much time will running these businesses take up?

The time you spend on these businesses is entirely up to you. They are ready to start processing transactions immediately after you add your payment details or affiliate links. If you want to make this into a full-time business, with the right action, there is no limit to how far you can scale up your income.

The training I am including as a special bonus will help you learn how to maximize your profits. 


What can the new owner do to develop these websites?

Promote affiliate products within articles 

Add display ads to generate more income

Build up the brands and attract traffic using social media 

Regularly add more content to the site to get organic traffic from Google, and to complement your social media promotion. 

Implement the methods outlined in the bonus training (included in sale price) 

Add your own images / color schemes for further personalization